How much money can you save on energy bills by better insulating your home?

With ever-increasing energy prices and reduced fuel allowance for the elderly, making sure that your home is properly insulated will lead to higher energy efficiency and long term financial benefits.
There are however a number of government initiatives to help homeowners improve the insulation in their flats or houses, so there has never been a better time to look into it.
This guide helps explain the different types of insulation and how much you can expect to save.
Cavity wall insulation
33% of all energy lost in the home is through external walls. Making sure that you have adequate insulation is therefore paramount if you wish to reduce energy wastage. Modern homes have cavity walls – an internal and external wall with a gap between them. Filling this gap with insulation can massively reduce heat loss and prevent condensation.
Cost: £250 - £500
Savings per year: £110
Draught proofing
Draught proofing is a great cost-effective way of reducing energy wastage. By making sure that all windows, cat flaps, doors and letterboxes are properly sealed you can reduce heat escaping your home, reducing the amount of energy required to heat your home.
Cost: £100-£200
Saving per year: £20-£100
Double glazing
Old buildings tend to have very thin windows, which can let a lot of heat out and cause condensation. Double glazing isn’t the cheapest way of insulating your home, but it can however reduce energy wastage by as much as 10-15%. If you’re a homeowner, fitting double glazing is advised as it will also increase your property value.
Cost: £5000
Savings per year: £100
Floor insulation:
If your home has a wooden floor, you could be losing heat through its cracks and gaps. By filling these gaps with a sealant, you can reduce heat loss. Be careful not to over-insulate your flooring, as a certain level of airflow is required to stop damp. The most effective way of insulating your floor is by lifting up the boards and applying mineral wool underneath them. It’s incredibly cheap and pays for itself in two years, so there’s little excuse not to.
Cost: £100
Savings per year: £50
Loft insulation
Loft insulation is an incredibly cost effective method of insulating your home. You can either use blankets and quilts or use more professional materials such as mineral wool and polystyrene boards. The type of material you use will vastly depend on your budget, however, with many people making considerable savings after having professional loft insulation fitted, it’s well worth the investment.
Cost: £250
Savings: £150